With Tesla increasing their production and output of Model 3s and their other vehicles, and with their orders continuing to pour in for the more accessible Model 3, they are running into an issue with delivering their product.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated in a tweet that the company is experience an extreme shortage of semi car transport trailers in response to a customer who had ordered their Model 3 in June but has yet to be delivered the vehicle.

Tesla’s website states that estimated delivery for a base Model 3 is 4 weeks and ~2-4 months for a customized┬áModel 3 with AWD.

Musk has already started to combat this transport shortage problem in a tweet stating, “Started building our own car carriers this weekend to alleviate load.”

Earlier this month, Musk acknowledged the elephant in the room, still, regarding Tesla’s growing list of logistics issues mounting atop their production delays. Tesla, and Musk, in particular, has been under pressure by investors to maintain a higher and more steady production rate of the Model 3 so as to set Tesla as a mass-market automaker.