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Creating Your Diet


Diets are a very personal choice based on multiple different aspects including health needs. Whether they be cultural practices, nutritional, or you have to budget well when at the grocery store. Because of this, one identical diet may not work for two individuals. 

A website called choosemyplate.gov (which is provided by the USDA) has been mentioned on different articles, and shows what nutrients we should be trying to receive daily. While it does follow the model of fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy, it shows substitutions for dairy and protein for people who don’t consume animal-based products. It’s a useful tool because it shows people not only how much fruit or protein is recommended to eat in a day, but also gives them alternatives if they want to be getting the same nutritional benefits like calcium from dairy without drinking milk; or receiving iron from soy products rather than from meat. In using this website and scheduling regular appointments with your physician (while also considering what your diet means to you) you can best plan and tailor your diet to your own needs. 

Your diet shouldn’t be because of a trend, or used to lose weight when you medically don’t need to. How you go about dieting is incredibly personal, and quite frankly no ones business aside from yours and your physician’s. Some diets get associated with political parties, others get associated with celebrities, and neither of these two subjects (or any others) should compromise what you want to eat or your health. When it comes to food, there are dozens of factors that play into it on an individual level, and ultimately eating one product but not another doesn’t make you a better person. Dieting doesn’t make you a better person – especially when your own health is at risk because of your diet, or you make others feel poorly because of theirs.

In summary, eat what you want to be as healthy as you can be and don’t let dieting or peoples opinions on it rule your life. Food is extremely cultural, that’s why families recipes are kept secret from “just anyone”; and diet is personal because you shouldn’t have to talk about yours with just anyone either. Recipes should be treasured, and diets shouldn’t be used as weight-loss marketers.  As long as you’re healthy and aware of what you’re eating and where it came from, you should be allowed to make those choices without influence from outside places. There isn’t one diet for all, there’s just a diet for you. Find a healthy one that you love, and stick to it!