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Trump’s Lack of Impact on Climate Change


Hurricane Harvey and many other previous destructive hurricanes have hit Houston and they are just one example of climate change and the massive affect on U.S. citizens nationwide. The Editorial Board for the Houston Chronicle writes about their fears for their city in regards to Trump’s EPA being run by a former coal miner lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler. The Washington Post shows how many policies and regulations within the environment that he’s ended and cancelled. The amount of these cancellations is in the dozens.

This is especially upsetting because if there is one thing to give credit to Obama for, it’s certainly the fact that he had the strongest climate change legislation passed and put into action in the U.S.. His climate change accord was the most extensive we’ve ever seen – and while the largest push back against climate change is the lost jobs, he went into the communities that suffered from coal mining cut-backs to contribute to employment growth. So really, what’s the argument? It’s no surprise that the answer is money, and how most of the cabinet is affiliated or worked with an organization that wants to save money where it can, and putting environmental restrictions into play costs these corporations more money.

But when is Trump going to pay attention to the damage happening along the south, and how the same communities keep getting affected so greatly? With recent climate change research, it’s said that a large chunk of the Bay Area in California could be underwater by 2100 if there is no progress made in combating climate change. Unlike the current administration, Obama’s EPA was full of scientists rather than businessmen and lobbyists. In fact, the EPA is historically always led by a person who’s experienced in some kind of STEAM field, and it’s jarring that there hasn’t been a trace of scientific input within the EPA. 

Overtime, I will share my climate change research over the past couple of years, and continue to add onto it overtime. It is important that this issue is recognized as just that – an issue. Not a political stance.