Having a hard time figuring out where to start on your Disney+ binge while stuck at home? Look no further – we rated and ranked every Disney movie so that you don’t have to worry about watching them all to find the best. They’re rated in chronological order, and ranked by favorite/best scoring at the end.

Snow White – 1937


Animation: 5/5 The animation was so impressive, this was the first color movie! Amazing.
Plot: 3/5 The plot was a little duller than I remember. Maybe it’s just because I’m older now.
Characters: 3/5 The dwarves are fun, and the villain is the right amount of intimidating. But Snow White and Prince Charming are a little boring. 
Music: 2/5 The lyrics in the songs aren’t as unique as other Disney songs. It works in the movie, but I wouldn’t listen to it on an album or in a Disney playlist.
Overall Score: 3.25/5 Overall, a good first movie. Especially impressed with the animation skills, I mean wow.

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Animation: 3/5 The animation isn’t as interesting as Snow White’s, some of the character’s looked kind of funky to me.
Plot: 1/5 The plot didn’t really capture my attention. I felt kind of bored for a lot of it. 
Characters: 2/5 It felt difficult for me to care about or feel attached to the characters, with the exception of Geppetto, Cleo, and Figaro. 
Music: 1/5 None of the songs were super memorable.
Overall Score: 1.75/5 It was definitely hard to watch after Snow White which I thought was significantly better. I don’t think most kids would be super big Pinocchio fans today.

Dumbo – 1941

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Animation: 3/5 The animation in dumbo was good, it was just a little odd sometimes or in some scenes. 
Plot: 3/5 The plot is one of the better ones in comparison to the earlier Disney movies, but it’s not the most fun story to follow. The main plot line is about a baby being separated from his mother, it’s not exactly happy (which is kind of the point of a Disney movie).
Characters: 2/5 Other than Dumbo and his mother, who is there to really care for? Also, the choice to have “Jim Crows” . . . yikes. 
Music: 2/5 “Baby of Mine” is the most noteworthy song, but it’s hard to remember any of the others even though I just watched the movie. 
Overall Score: 2.25/5 In my opinion, you watch Disney movies to make you happy. And watching Dumbo didn’t really make me feel too great. This movie made it obvious why I hated the circus as a child (and still do)

Bambi – 1942

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Animation: 3.5/5 The nature animation is really pretty in Bambi, it almost looks like watercolor backdrops. It’s super unique compared to the other Disney animation done so far, and makes for a nice artistic change.
Plot: 1/5 A movie where a baby loses his mother, this has to be the saddest children’s movie you could write. It’s not worth feeling so incredibly sad over.
Characters: 2.5/5 The characters like Bambi, his mom, Thumper and Flower are all cute. But when you know the story, it’s hard to stay attached due to all the sadness.
Music: 1/5 There isn’t much memorable music.
Overall Score: 2/5 Again (similar feelings as to Dumbo), it’s hard to encourage kids watching such a sad movie. I personally have no desire to watch a movie with such a sad storyline with kids.


Animation: 5/5

The animation is by far the best up to this point in Disney, the artistry is really realistic given the time it was made. I especially like the attention to detail given to the items in Cinderella’s house when they filmed up close. 

Plot: 4/5 The plot has more humor than the other movies (like with Lucifer, for example), there’s a better and wider arrangement of various emotions that the viewer experiences. We feel romanticism when Cinderella’s at the ball, anxiety when she’s locked in by her stepmother when the Duke arrives, etc.. The storyline is more consistent and follows a more traditional story timeline, and it’s just much more easy and enjoyable to watch. 
Characters: 4/5

All of the characters are fun to watch, and the only reason why it’s not a 5 is that I don’t feel like I know enough about Cinderella. Her actions and the way she behaves are very reliant on the things and people around her. We know she loves animals because she takes care of so many, for example. But I wish we knew what she wanted to do with her freedom. Overall, the characters seemed much more developed in this movie. The animal sidekicks have lively and vibrant personalities, and all of these additional things make the movie so much more enjoyable.

Music: 4/5

I’d say this is the first good Disney movie soundtrack, hands down. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes is a classic, has beautiful lyrics (ex: no matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true). So This is Love is also lyrically more unique, and the songs sang by the animals are all so cute.

Overall Score: 4.25/5 I can see why Cinderella saved Walt’s career. I’d say that this was the first great animated Disney movie. 

Alice in Wonderland – 1951

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Animation: 4/5 The animation of Alice in Wonderland is really cool, they also mix artistic styles which is unique in Disney films until later.
Plot: 3/5 The plot is notoriously confusing and not necessarily organized at all, mostly due to the writers of the film using hallucinogenics. But it’s still a fun story nonetheless, and definitely shies away from the traditionalist style of Cinderella.
Characters: 4/5

The characters, mostly ones like the hatter and Cheshire Cat really carry the story with their oddness and humorous behavior. Same with the Red Queen and her flaming bad attitude and temper, it makes the story more fun to have good villains and sidekicks. 

Music: 3/5

The music isn’t as captivating as Cinderella’s and is more basic to just accompany the scenes, but it’s still fun to listen to in small doses. The main difference between music in Alice, Dumbo, Pinocchio, is that you can’t really listen to it outside of the movie, Cinderella’s music stands on its own as something enjoyable to listen to. 

Overall Score: 3.5/5 Alice in Wonderland is a good Disney movie, it’s fun to watch, it doesn’t get boring, and ultimately it feels like a trippy children’s book. You also notice different things when you watch it because of the artwork, and just because of how weird it is. 

Peter Pan – 1953

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Animation: 3.5/5

The animation of the different locations like London and Neverland are pretty, but the characters seem less done up compared to prior movies. However, Tinker Bell’s animation is really pretty and so are the affects of the pixie dust.

Plot: 3/5

The story is cute in theory, but in this day and age it was hard to enjoy a movie about a young girl only being wanted to be a mother for dependent boys incapable of aging. Plus with such heavy amounts of racism throughout the entire movie against Native Americans, I found myself cringing more than anything else. I wasn’t a huge Peter Pan fan as a kid so I’m not emotionally attached to the story, but they drag out the Native stereotypes for so long that it becomes difficult to watch.

Characters: 3/5

The characters become relatively annoying after a while, while Captain Hook is a funny classic, I have a hard time feeling much of anything positive for anyone else. Wendy is obsessed with Peter from the get-go, Peter flirts with every girl on the island and they flirt back – all the while ignoring Tinker Bell (arguably the only character worthy of recognition, since no one would be able to fly or do anything cool without her). Basically, Peter and his groupies are hard to watch and feel positive things towards after awhile.

Music: 3/5 The music isn’t as catchy or memorable as other Disney music.
Overall Score: 3.12/5

In conclusion, I’m now glad I didn’t get a Peter Pan backpack from the Minnie Mouse Disneyland collection.

Lady and the Tramp – 1955

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Animation: 4/5 This movie has some really pretty animated scenes, especially the part after the iconic spaghetti scene where Lady and Tramp are overlooking the city. It’s just really well done, the houses are also beautifully drawn. The scenery is overall really impressive.
Plot: 4/5 The plot is actually a lot more interesting than I think it gets credit for, considering the movie seems to be based around class differences. It’s cute how it was simplified into a kid’s movie, and how Lady and her family end up taking in Tramp as their own and giving him a forever home.
Characters: 3.5/5 There really aren’t too many noteworthy or memorable characters aside from the main characters being Lady and Tramp, and then of course Tony. 
Music: 3.5/5 Other than Bella Notte, there aren’t many memorable songs. But on its own, it deserves a 5/5. 
Overall Score: 3.75/5 Lady and the Tramp is overall a good movie, it’s sweet, timeless, and a very wholesome puppy love story overall. Aside from Cinderella and Alice, this seems like a must to show future generations. 

Sleeping Beauty – 1959

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Animation: 4/5 The animation in Sleeping Beauty, like the other princess movies is really pretty. But the characters in Cinderella seemed more detailed for some reason. 
Plot: 3/5 Aurora is notorious for being the Disney princess who has the least amount of lines in a princess movie, for a movie that’s supposed to be about her I wish she had more screen time and dialogue. 
Characters: 3/5 The 3/5 all goes to Maleficent, and if she had her own box, it would be a 5/5.
Music: 3/5 The only song really is Once Upon a Dream, which is a great song, but there’s not enough music.
Overall Score: 3.25/5 Sleeping Beauty is similar to Snow White in that it lacks a princess with a strong personality. But the villain is great, and the main theme song is also nice. 

101 Dalmatians – 1961

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Animation: 3/5 The animation was good but didn’t seem as detailed in comparison to the other dog movie in this category, being Lady and the Tramp.
Plot: 4/5 I actually loved this movie way more than I expected to, Roger and Anita were really sweet together, and a movie where everyone’s main goal is to care for a bunch of dogs, what’s not to love?
Characters: 4/5 The humans and animals in this movie, with the exception of the villain of course, were all so sweet. Even the maid had a personality and a deep love and attachment to the dogs which I thought was unique for a Disney movie since usually a maid wouldn’t have her own opinions and feelings expressed in the film. Also, the family dynamic being shown between Pongo and Perdita with their puppies was really cute.
Music: 3/5 Again, there was really only one song (being Cruella De Vil) but it was a great song. I wish we got to see more of Roger’s music. 
Overall Score: 3.5/5 101 Dalmatians was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t remember it being that good of a movie when I was younger, it’s another Disney classic that should be passed down. 


Current Rankings:

  1. Cinderella – 4.25/5
  2. Lady and the Tramp – 3.75/5
  3. 101 Dalmatians – 3.5/5
  4. Alice in Wonderland – 3.5/5
  5. Sleeping Beauty – 3.25/5
  6. Snow White – 3.25/5
  7. Peter Pan – 3.12/5
  8. Dumbo – 2.25/5
  9. Bambi – 2/5
  10. Pinnochio 1.75/5

Stay tuned for the second round of Disney movies!