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Netflix’s “You” Depicts Every Girl’s Nightmare of Being Stalked


Netflix started the new year right with a brand new original series called You. Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, You is shown from the perspective of Joe Goldberg (portrayed by Penn Badgely). Going through being bounced from home to home, Joe develops character traits that can only be described as sociopathic. But after falling for Beck (Elizabeth Lail) at first sight, Joe becomes obsessed not only with being with her, but also solving all of her problems. Including a cheating ex-boyfriend who keeps coming back, a spoiled best friend named Peach (Shay Mitchell) who wants Beck to herself, and other problematic people in Beck’s life. While he feels that these people have too much control over Beck’s life, the person with the most control over her is Joe himself.

Because Joe is sociopathic, his intelligence and the projection that he can do no wrong certainly overcome the viewer. Combining his charm with suspense, you may even find yourself hoping he doesn’t get caught when he’s stalking Beck. It really is a fear shared amongst many people, specifically women. Especially with how easy social media makes stalking nowadays which is a tool Joe uses to his advantage excessively.

While I have included spoilers on other Netflix movies and shows, this one has actually been my favorite to date so I would recommend watching it over reading an article that will spoil the fun, creepiness, discomfort, and all around amazing writing and acting that was in this series. Netflix is renewing it for season two to follow Kepnes sequel Hidden Bodies. So if you watch the show and are stuck on that cliff hanger, pick up the second book or read both! Happy binging.