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We Reviewed All of the Disney Animated Movies (Article 2, 1964-1994)


Here are the next ten animated Disney movies reviewed by the Jazz Hands Team during quarantine! 

Mary Poppins – 1964

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Animation: 4/5 The animation when included in the film, specifically Burt’s chalk drawings are beautiful.
Plot: 4/5 The story of Mary Poppins is a really meaningful one especially if you know the backstory (see: Saving Mr. Banks). It will probably always remain a classic and be consistently played and retold through the generations. 
Characters: 4/5 While not their fault at all (or necessarily a bad thing), Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke steal the show. It’s hard to remember much about the other characters, even though I just watched the movie.  
Music: 4/5 I hadn’t realized how many classic Disney songs came from Mary Poppins, and how many of them I loved. My significantly younger sisters still sing “Step in Time,” so again – this just proves that this film will remain a classic.
Overall Score: 4/5 Mary Poppins deserves the large following that it continues to have. Julie Andrews will always deserve a good review.

Jungle Book – 1967

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Animation: 3/5 The animation is good, especially the backdrops. But not as memorable as others.
Plot: 3/5 The plot is cute, but I found myself paying attention the most during music numbers more than to the storyline itself. 
Characters: 4/5 The characters are just lovable, a bear and jaguar trying to take care of a human child are just cute. 
Music: 3.5/5 “I Wanna Be Like You” and “Bear Necessities” are great songs. 
Overall Score: 3.3/5 The Jungle Book is a good movie overall, it’s cute and will probably remain a favorite amongst kids who love animals. 

Aristocats – 1970

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Animation: 3/5 The animation in Aristocats is more sketchbook like than other movies which is unique, but what makes Disney animation so special has always been the realism. The difference is cool, but I think the realism is more enjoyable to watch.
Plot: 2.5/5 The movie is cute but is a little less exciting than other Disney movies, it’s a similar plot to 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp but lacks the same level of humor and excitement.
Characters: 3/5 The characters in Aristocats are sweet, Duchess and her kittens are obviously a cute family, and of course, Thomas O’Malley completes the group.
Music: 2.5/5 While “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” is a good song, there wasn’t much music other than this one song. 
Overall Score: 2.75/5 Aristocats wasn’t bad, it was just a tough act to follow after having just seen 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp.

Robin Hood – 1973

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Animation: 3/5 The animation was good, but not the best out of all the movies in this time period or even the ones before it.
Plot: 2.5/5 The story isn’t as fun as the other ones, I caught myself being a little bored and didn’t think that kids now would be too interested either.
Characters: 2.5/5 The characters just don’t feel very easy to get attached to like other Disney characters are.
Music: 2.5/5 The music lacks memorability, and also catchiness which are definitely two key aspects of Disney music.
Overall Score: 2.6/5 Compared to other Disney classics, as well as modern Disney animated films, Robin Hood doesn’t seem like it would be able to compete.

The Fox and the Hound – 1981

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Animation: 2/5 The animation of Fox and the Hound wasn’t as impressive as previous movies that were animal-based.
Plot: 1/5 Disney movies aren’t supposed to be so sad. It’s hard to enjoy with how cruel Amos is and to watch the friendship between Tod and Copper fade is probably not enjoyable for most kids.
Characters: 2/5 Widow, who takes care of Tod is so sweet. But the majority of the characters are hard to develop feelings for, aside from Widow, Tod, and Copper.
Music: 1/5 The music is not as memorable as other Disney movies.
Overall Score: 1.5/5 Overall, Fox and the Hound is not as fun or memorable as other Disney movies that come both before and after.

The Little Mermaid – 1989

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Animation: 5/5 The animation of the Little Mermaid is beautiful. It’s so challenging to perfect water, and without the more advanced tech we have today, it’s even more impressive.
Plot: 5/5 The Little Mermaid has humor, romance, and ultimately is enjoyable to watch over and over. It never gets old, and everything about it is a warm and fuzzy, feel-good classic.
Characters: 4.5/5 The only reason the characters aren’t a full 5 is because of Triton. He had serious anger issues, and also it would’ve been neat to see in the first Little Mermaid what we later get in Little Mermaid 3, where he acknowledges his hatred for humans but begins to set it aside on behalf of Ariel. Obviously, he grew as a character, but I wish there was that moment of explanation and apology from him.
Music: 5/5 The soundtrack in the Little Mermaid is easily one of the best in Disney history. The songs can be played in the car for fun or listened to occasionally around the house and they’ll never get old.
Overall Score: 4.8/5 The Little Mermaid has always been a fan favorite and it’s easy to see why. Between the beautiful imagery, classic music, and vibrant characters with great personalities, it will always remain a Disney classic.

Beauty and the Beast – 1991

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Animation: 5/5 The animation was beautiful, especially the iconic ballroom/Tale as Old as Time scene.
Plot: 3.5/5 Beauty and the Beast has been known to have some plot holes, but aside from this, it’s just one of those fairytales that’s a bit creepy for a kid’s story no matter how you slice it. I mean, the basis is that a young woman is kidnapped and falls in love with her captor. Without the sweet housekeeping staff like Lumiere and Mrs. Potts, it would be a much more grim story. 
Characters: 3.5/5 The majority of the characters are loveable but some are just difficult to relate to. For example, Belle sings about her goals in life which seem to be about adventure and traveling; but then she’s suddenly alright with living unmoved in a castle. 
Music: 5/5 The music is hands down amazing, there’s no debate there.
Overall Score: 4.25/5 Overall, Beauty and the Beast is a movie that I think kids will continue to watch over the years. It remains a classic with animation that still feels modern, and the music is beautiful.

Aladdin – 1992

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Animation: 5/5 The animation (especially the magic carpet scene, and all the Genie magic) are beautiful images. Agrabah overall is very artistic.  
Plot: 5/5 Aladdin is a unique story as it’s one of Disney’s much more original stories whereas other films were largely based on Brothers Grimm novels. It feels like a fresh story and shows a relationship between a princess and her true love that really get to know each other over the course of the film, unlike previous princesses who don’t know their prince all that well. Also, Jasmine doesn’t care about status, power, or money, and is the driving cause for her father to invoke a law allowing royals to marry anyone regardless of their title. She has a big personality and a lot of strength throughout the movie, which is a nice shift we notice after Ariel’s story.
Characters: 4.5/5 Jafar is a villain that’s hard to love, he has no music number of his own and is super creepy with Jasmine. Disney villains are supposed to still be loveable in their own way (even if you love to hate them), but Jafar just seems despicable all the way around. Manipulating the Sultan who’s an old man, trying to drown Aladdin, and trying to marry a young girl when he witnessed her grow up. Yuck. Every other character is great though, and Aladdin arguably has some of the best animal sidekicks and Genie as the ultimate sidekick.
Music: 5/5 A Whole New World is one of the best Disney love songs, and Friend Like Me is forever going to be a classic.
Overall Score: 4.8/5 Aladdin is one of the best Disney movies hands down, the story, music, and characters will forever be loved and cherished by every generation.

Nightmare Before Christmas – 1993

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Animation: 5/5 The animation is so unique, and without the Disney intro, a viewer wouldn’t even know that this is a Disney film. Tim Burton’s artistry is one of a kind, and it’s so interesting to watch how both locations and characters appear in this world.
Plot: 4/5 The story is really interesting and even more enjoyable when you’re older, and I think that some of the ideas are more grown-up. While many kids enjoy it, it doesn’t feel like as much of a kid’s movie.
Characters: 4.5/5 The characters are all loveable in their odd ways. One thing I found interesting is that Santa didn’t feel as loveable as regular Santa, I don’t know if it was intentional but I didn’t care about Tim Burton’s version of Santa as much as other Disney depictions of him.
Music: 5/5 Danny Elfman is a genius. Enough said.
Overall Score: 4.6/5 The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect movie to watch October-December, I love that it counts as both a Halloween and Christmas movie, since these are my two favorite holidays and I think it’s incredibly creative to bring the two together. 

Lion King – 1994

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Animation: 5/5 I mean, it’s beautiful. Is there much else to say? The drawings of the different nature scenes, the night sky with Mufasa talking down to Simba, Pride Rock, all a win.
Plot: 4/5 The plot is pretty much based on Hamlet, but the storytelling through animals is obviously really neat. What I appreciate the most is Simba connecting with his father even after his passing, and receiving guidance through that connection. I think the circle of life is definitely the main theme and a beautiful narrative to include in a children’s movie.
Characters: 5/5 They’re ALL loveable, 100%. No characters are too hard to love in this film, Scar’s attitude is hilarious, the hyenas’ obnoxious behavior is an original take on a villain sidekick, and the main heroes are all amazing in their individual ways.
Music: 5/5 The Lion King soundtrack is one of Disney’s most iconic soundtracks, obviously. This movie came out in 1994 and I still get chills from the song “The Circle of Life” in 2020. Amazing.
Overall Score: 4.75/5 The Lion King is a timeless Disney classic, there’s a reason why it was one of the few to make it to Broadway, and why people still perform the songs live. 


Current Rankings:

  1. The Little Mermaid – 4.8/5
  2. Aladdin – 4.8/5
  3. Lion King – 4.75
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas – 4.6/5
  5. Cinderella – 4.25/5
  6. Beauty and the Beast – 4.25/5
  7. Mary Poppins – 4/5
  8. Lady and the Tramp – 3.75/5
  9. 101 Dalmatians – 3.5/5
  10. Alice in Wonderland – 3.5/5
  11. Jungle Book – 3.3/5
  12. Sleeping Beauty – 3.25/5
  13. Snow White – 3.25/5
  14. Peter Pan – 3.12/5
  15. Aristocats – 2.75/5
  16. Robin Hood – 2.6/5
  17. Dumbo – 2.25/5
  18. Bambi – 2/5
  19. Pinnochio 1.75/5
  20. Fox and the Hound – 1.5/5