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Tiny Tattoos in Salem, OR


A local tattoo parlor in Salem, OR called Oregon Body Art Center offers an awesome promotion. The promotion is called “Tiny Tattoo Tuesday” and it’s offered on the second Tuesday of every month. It offers clients a tiny tattoo for only $30, and a second one for only $10! One of the tattoo artists, Becca, even offered touch ups for free on parts of the body where the tattoo may fade slightly in the process of healing. 

I decided to take them up on this promotion, since I’ve wanted two small tattoos for over a year now. My grandma’s birth year in roman numerals, and a wave and palm tree design. My day started by arriving at the tattoo parlor before 10:00 to put my name down on a list. To best accommodate you, they take your name and number down so you can go back home while you wait. This was much appreciated for me because I have finals week, and was able to study in my dorm while I waited to get my tattoos. 

I did wait for awhile when I returned to the tattoo parlor when they told me to come, and was helped out an hour or so later. I was able to use the iPad with Becca to design both tattoos I wanted completely. On one of the tattoos I wanted a semi-colon and was able to help her place it on the print out that would later be used as the stencil.

Once we printed out both images, she started with the one I wanted on my wrist. Looking back, I assume this is because this one was much more painful and it did make  the one I got on my ankle easier than expected. 

Here are the final products:

The reference images I used were practically identical except for the add-ons and slight changes I wanted made. Becca and Brian are extremely helpful and patient, and willing to put in the time to be sure you’re leaving with what you wanted. 

The Oregon Body Art Center’s phone number is (971)-201-2001, the shop’s address is 4861 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, OR 97301 and their hours are 10:00-8:00. The Tiny Tattoo Event is every second Tuesday of the month and again, only $40 for two or $30 for one. Be sure to leave your artist a tip though! They are extremely busy and I’d recommend getting there early to get in and out quicker. Ultimately, I had an amazing first time experience with getting these tattoos. While I can’t think of anything else I want done at the moment, if I do, I’d return to the Oregon Body Art Center!

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