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#ThisIsOurLane – Doctors respond to the NRA


CAUTION: Images and descriptions in this article may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion advised.

The NRA tweeted out last month that doctors and medical professions should “stay in their lane,” specifically implying that medical professionals need not, and should not, discuss their views on gun violence. It is safe to say this tweet quickly backfired as thousands of doctors, surgeons, nurses, and first responders shared their graphic images and first-hand experiences of handling treatment for gunshot victims.

I don’t even know where to begin with picking apart this tweet. I’ll start with the irony of the NRA calling doctors “self-important.” The NRA has seen declining membership numbers for years, as the support for their publications is on the decline as well – this is apparent from the number of reposts and “likes” on their social media accounts. And yet, even with falling membership and dwindling social media support, the NRA stands firm in their attacks on fully credible sources, people and movements.

Secondly, the attack on the number of articles pushing for gun control in the Annals of Internal Medicine. I doubt “half” of such articles call for gun control as they say, I doubt the writer of this tweet even took the time to read more than one of the publications in the journal.

It should be noted that the Annals of Internal Medicine is an academic research journal published by the American College of Physicians, and as such, every article published is peer-reviewed by physicians all around the country. No article is published without being edited, researched for, and critiqued. Academic journals do not hold political bias, rather, they hold academic integrity higher than any other moral. This meaning, every article is factually true and backed by years of research and the collective knowledge of countless physicians.

Why should medical researchers consult anyone except other medical researchers? You won’t see an author of an academic research publication consult just anyone for feedback or review, let along just anyone outside the realm of their study. If a published article does have such fallacies, it is not an academic research article.

The NRA has turned from publishing gun safety to being a radial constitutional purist organization driven by money given to them by gun manufacturers. The NRA doesn’t care about the death brought on by what they push for, nor do they care about the families torn apart as a result of their policy pushing. All this supported by this one tweet, on November 7, 2018.

After this tweet was published, a movement quickly formed on Twitter and Instagram. This movement, dubbed #ThisIsOurLane and #ThisIsMyLane, has been joined by surgeons, doctors, nurses, and medical first responders who have shared pictures, stories, and experiences of their work life while dealing with saving or trying to save people of all ages, races, and backgrounds shot by a gun.

CAUTION: Images and descriptions in this article may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion advised.

What follows next this article are moving, disturbing, sad and heartbreaking first-hand accounts from medical professions treating gunshot victims.



  1. You tell ’em. The entire NRA’s heads put together wouldn’t be able to do what just a team of these medical professionals can. First responders, doctors, nurses, PA’s, surgeons, and every position in between should be treated with whole-hearted respect regardless of political affiliation. They’re the ones out there saving lives 🙂

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