Yes. The new ad from Gillette, the razor company infuriates me. The ad is meant to fight toxic masculinity, showing how men are portrayed in the media being rude to women, objectifying, and in every other stereotype, you can think of to describe men. Then it goes to make the point that younger men and boys need to have different expectations and role models that are currently portrayed so blatantly in the media so they don’t grow up to continue the cycle of objectification and spread of toxic masculinity.

Now, back to my point again, the ad is maddening. Not because of the point it is trying to make. The point is good, a good message that needs to be spread. What makes me mad is the response from the public about it and how late it has taken a company to come out and stand up for women and against this toxic, stereotypical behavior.

The response from people who have seen it, or not seen it, is either that is good to crack down on this behavior or that it is offensive asking men to change and portraying them in such a way.

I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure I’m a man, and I’m not offended by this nor do I see or understand what could possibly be offensive about this ad. I can guess, and my guess is as good as any other. My guess is that those being offended are unaware or unwanting to accept that man’s behavior is toxic because this is all they’ve known, basically brainwashing by media. What also makes me mad is the response by some women, that it offends them or that they don’t care. I’m not a woman and I can’t speak on behalf of women, but I just don’t know what is wrong with you if you are part of a group that is objectified and put down by another group but you are accepting of this lifestyle and defend that group.

I can’t wrap my head around those ideas. I also don’t know why it has taken this long for a company to come out and say what has been needed to be said. The Me Too movement has been going on for a while now, and no company that I know of has taken a stance even remotely close to what Gillette has, outside of simply firing employees then releasing a one-paragraph press release. Also, it is not beside me that this may just be a marketing campaign to capitalize on those who support the ideas. However, an ad of this caliber would not have been released if the company did not believe the point of it to some degree.