These cars are for sale in the North American market, some may be restricted to certain regions of North America. Some of the models listed have trim options that offer range extenders provided by gasoline engines, these trims have been ignored for the purpose of this list. Some models listed have varying ranges depending on trim, we chose the trim that provides the highest traveling distance and provided the lowest price of that trim.

All prices listed are before federal, state and local incentives: See your state and local government for details on what incentives are available in your area. The list is sorted from top to bottom by total range.

Tesla Model STesla Model 3Tesla Model XChevy BoltJaguar I-PACENissan LeafVolkswagen e-GolfBMW i3Kia Soul EVsmart EQ fortwoFord Focus Electric
2018 Tesla Model S (Photo: Tesla Inc.)

Trim: 100D
Range: 335
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $96,000

Thoughts: Tesla is undoubtedly the first company that comes to mind when someone says “electric vehicle,” and rightfully so. Elon Musk has helmed the company for the majority of its life, and under Musk, Tesla has released what are objectively the best electric vehicles on the market today in terms of range, quality and practicality. The Model S was Tesla’s first mass market vehicle, dispite the price tag, and has done incredibly well with sales since its release. In 2017, the Model S was the best selling electric vehicle on the market, selling 27,000 units. Though the price tag is a major turn off for many people, especially the largest population being the middle class.

2018 Tesla Model 3 (Photo: Tesla Inc.)

Trim: Dual Motor, AWD
Range: 310 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $53,000

Thoughts: Tesla announced the Model 3 in 2016 as an alternative to their Model S. More importantly, as a truly mass market, luxury EV. The Model 3 is a great EV for the modern family that wants a long-range EV, of which the 3 is. The 3 is a smaller and more economically friendly version of the Model S- cheaper, smaller, but still packed with amazing power.

Trim: 100D
Range: 295 miles
Passengers: 5 or 6 or 7
Price before Incentives: $99,000

Thoughts: The Model X is the SUV big brother of the Model S released in 2015 to address America’s love for mid-sized SUVs. the most interesting thing about the Model X is obviously the falcon-wing doors, not seen before on an SUV. Musk also hid some Easter eggs in it as well. The Model X can be configured to seat 5, 6, or 7 passengers, and has a large trunk and a larger frunk than the Model 3 and Model S. though the size comes with a range limit, the Model X has a shorter range than the S and 3.

2019 Chevy Bolt (Photo: General Motors)

Trim: LT / Premier
Range: 238 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $36,630 to $40,905

Thoughts: The Chevy Bolt is GM’s attempt at gaining some ground in the EV market, and they did comparatively well. GM is the only company besides Tesla to produce a mass-market EV that can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge. However, the Bolt has seen less than impressive sales numbers. A guess for this is simply because it is made by Chevy – Chevy has sadly come to be a car company that is forgotten. With the Bolt, we can hope that Chevy will again be a brand leader in affordable electric travel.

The car has get-up-and-go but is fairly small, it is no road trip vehicle. However, the interior is nice and the computer system is extremely easy and useful.

2019 Jaguar I-PACE

Trim: S / SE / HSE
Range: 234 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $69,500 to $80,500

Thoughts: Jaguar has entered the EV market with a strong contender for the luxury EV consumer. The all-new I-PACE is their first EV getting well over 200 miles of range on a full charge, very close to that of the Chevy Bolt. The I-PACE as of now is the only competitor of the Tesla Model X, being that it is the only mid-sized 100% electric SUV available to drive off the dealer’s lot today. Besides this, the I-PACE is significantly cheaper than the Model X (but still not in reach for the everyday person), gets nearly as much range as the base Model X for less money and doesn’t have the gimmicky gull-wing doors. The interior is beautiful, as to be expected from Jaguar and the infotainment and instrument cluster are modernized will all LCD screens but keep the feel of a traditional car.

2019 Nissan Leaf SL (Photo: Nissan USA)

Trim: S / SV / SL
Range: 151 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $29,990 to $36,200

Thoughts: The Nissan Leaf is one of the oldest EV models on the market and has sold the most units in its lifetime due to its age and affordability as well as the medium range of its battery being attractive to those that live in the city.

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf (Photo: Volkswagen of America, Inc)

Trim: Base
Range: 125 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $30,495

2019 BMW i3 (Photo: BMW USA)

Trim: Base
Range: 118 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $44,450

Thoughts: The BMW i3 is very overpriced for what it offers, on the low end of range and options available and the average quality of the interior, the mark up is due to one thing: the brand name. The i3 does not offer most safety features that the Bolt, Teslas and Leaf offer, the interior is average without having the option for leather, and the back bench is extremely small. The storage space is lacking, with an extremely small rear as well.

2019 Kia Soul EV (Photo: Kia)

Trim: Base
Range: 111 miles
Passengers:  5
Price before Incentives: $33,950

2018 smart EQ fortwo (Photo: Mercedes-Benz USA)

Trim: Pure coupe
Range: 108 miles
Passengers: 2
Price before Incentives: $23,900

2017 Ford Focus Electric (Photo: Ford)

Trim: Base
Range: 100 miles
Passengers: 5
Price before Incentives: $29,120

This list will be updated as time goes on and as more manufacturers release more electric models. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!