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Things to do in Big Bear (when you don’t want to ski or snowboard)


Although summer is just around the corner, why not get an idea of your plans for when the snow returns? Big Bear is a huge spot for skiing and snowboarding in Southern California. But if you’re going up with your more coordinated friends, and rather not spend a bunch of money to fall down a mountain, there are other things you can do during your stay in Big Bear.

We stayed in a rental lodge, which had a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, games inside like pool and foosball, and even a jacuzzi. Going with a large group and splitting the cost is a fun option, because if part of the group wants to stay back, they’ll still enjoy themselves sitting by the fire or using a home entertainment system. 

If you still want to be outdoors during your stay, there’s plenty of trails to hike that are beautiful and near the lake. 

However, if you are just there for the ambiance of the snow, or celebrating a winter holiday, there’s also downtown Big Bear. Or as it’s called, “The Village”. The Village has a year around Christmas store, and dozens of other gift shops. There’s also multiple well-known and locally-owned restaurants and bars that are worth giving a try. If you do stay in a cabin, you also have the option of buying groceries to prepare dinners for your family and friends throughout your stay. In a bigger group, this may be cheaper than eating out multiple times throughout your stay. 

Other things to do include the Village Theater, The Big Bear Mountain Resort (which has a restaurant/bar to hang out in while your friends ski or snowboard), and The Cave which is a concert and comedy hall. 

There isn’t too much to do when you’re not going to ski or snowboard, but it’s so beautiful outside in the snow that personally I most enjoyed being outside when it snowed or staying inside to hang out in the space we had to stay in. When the weather is cold, for some reason you’re more inclined to play board and card games, hang besides being on your phones, and just find random things to do together that seem more fun during that time because you’re on vacation and it’s too cold to do much else. You can also take gorgeous photos outside if it does snow during your stay.

Hopefully you enjoy your vacation, without having to wear all of the snow gear!