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Jazz Hands Journal was founded to allow writers, artists, and other creative minds to express themselves and publish their work with little restrictions on their ability. We are dedicated to not only exposing creators and their work, but also spreading current events with truthful and unbiased reporting, that is why we have signed the Pro-Truth Pledge.

Alongside our beliefs in freedom of unrestricted expression and factual, unbiased reporting, we also care deeply for children and animals. These two groups are unable to speak for themselves, unable to defend themselves, and ignored in the decisions that affect their lives in permanent ways. For these reasons, every donation made to support keeping Jazz Hands Journal up and running will also go to support the San Diego Humane Society, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and/or Rady Children’s Hospital*.

Donate Now

Your generous donation of any amount will be split between the operating costs of Jazz Hands Journal and Rady Children’s Hospital or the San Diego Humane Society, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, or all, depending on your selection upon donating. We hope to be able to raise enough funding in the future to send our generous donors a gift of appreciation, like a shirt or stickers; for now, you are gifted with the knowledge that we are deeply grateful for your contributions.


1. *Upon donating, contributors have four options of where a portion of their donation will be sent:

  • a) San Diego Humane Society [50/50 split]
  • b) Rady Children’s Hospital [50/50 split]
  • c) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society [50/50 split]
  • d) All [25/25/25/25 split]

2. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Rady Children’s Hospital and the San Diego Humane Society are not affiliated with Jazz Hands Journal, nor have they endorsed or sponsored this fundraising.

3. Jazz Hands Journal supports open and truthful reporting as well as transparency. This is why we are dedicated to making the financial details of our donations public record. Every month we will publish a log of how much we received in donations, how much we kept for operations and how much we sent to Rady’s or the Humane Society. These publications can be viewed here.