Wedding planning can be exhausting! A more popular trend over time has been to snatch up your closest family and friends for a few days and take them to the destination spot of your dreams for a romantic, intimate ceremony and reception outside of your city. But obviously if you and your fiancee have made the choice to go somewhere, it can be challenging to decide where. Below is a collection of suggestions based on what kind of couple you two love birds are so that you can make the best day of your life that much better! 

1. The Outdoorsy Couple: If you and your fiancee bonded over camping and your love for nature right away, there are endless possibilities for where you can tie the knot. Are you Californians who are in love with Yosemite? Or do you live out of the state but have dreamed about seeing it? Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite offers big and small wedding packages, and it looks absolutely magical. If you prefer a mountain backdrop over dozens of tall trees, Aspen, Colorado is another beautiful choice. And you and your fiancee have the choice between a Winter Wonderland or a beautiful summer or fall. 

2. The City Couple: If you and your fiancee grew up in a big city and loved it, or you’ve just dreamed of your favorite skyline behind you on your wedding day, there’s too many choices on where to hold your big day! But the first obvious choice is NYC, one of the biggest and brightest cities in the world is bound to have dozens of venues you’ll fall in love with. Same goes for Seattle and San Francisco. All three of these cities have rooftops, restaurants, hotels, and parks that offer intimate wedding arrangements for your destination plans.

3. The Couple That Wants to Honeymoon in Europe: One word: Castle. Yes, you can get married in a handful of European castles! Germany, Ireland, Scotland and more all have stunning castles that actually host weddings (for a pretty penny). Still, it seemed important to include. Of course there’s less grand options where you can find something more affordable, like: Santorini Paris, Madrid, Porto, or Venice.

4. The Beachy Couple: The world is full of absolutely stunning beaches, so here is just a recommendation of what would be my personal top choices. (Except from SD, because I am from here, and don’t want to have my wedding here.) I’d start with the obvious choice being an island in Hawaii, I mean really, how can you go wrong? Their beaches are absolutely stunning. There’s also Tahiti, where you and your newlywed can cozy up in an over-water bungalow after your wedding, or the Bahamas with a more traditional hotel set-up. There’s San Diego, which has an array of choices in beaches from Ocean Beach (if you’re a more bohemian couple), or Coronado if you’re a little more luxurious. And lastly, Sicily in Italy because of the beautiful scenery, great wine, and great food.

5. The Rustic Couple: The nice thing about a destination wedding in a barn, ranch, or farm house is that you can go out of town without breaking the bank for flight tickets. There’s most likely a stunning property just a couple hours outside of your city that you’ll love, and this allows you to either spend more money on your honeymoon or invite more guests. However, the high-demand locations can still be pricey. So it’s never a bad idea to look into more local locations to you.

6. The Couple That Parties Hard: Did you meet your soulmate across the dance floor at your favorite club downtown? Or do you love taking trips together to go dance and drink? If so, there are plenty of amazing locations to have an awesome party in to start your lifelong commitment as each other’s dance partners. You could go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, or Miami, and most infamously Las Vegas. Vegas doesn’t have to be a wedding destination where you elope last minute and Elvis is your minister, if it’s your favorite city to party and dance in, why not get married in it?

7: The Couple That MUST Get Married in the Snow: If your dream is to wear a fur coat over your tux or snow boots under your dress, there’s so many stunning snowy options to get married in. With beautiful locations all around the world, there are so many options for you and your fiancee to choose from. Also, if either of you are big on snow sports or Christmas, keep an eye out for destinations near ski-resorts or stop by one of the Christmas villages in Finland, Norway, and other locations.

8. The Couple That MUST Get Married Under the Sun: The best couples feel warm and fuzzy whenever they’re around each other. So why not get married somewhere hot? There’s dozens of locations all around the world, but through looking at destination wedding photography, the sunniest places to get married were cities all around Africa, South or Central America, and Mexico. 

9. The Couple That Loves Flowers: Anyone who loves weddings (or has attended one at some point) knows that flowers are a huge part of decor and ambiance. If you love flowers, or if they’re your favorite part of a wedding, why not get married in a garden? There’s places all over the country and internationally that have absolutely stunning gardens that make for the perfect intimate setting. 

10. The Wine Connoisseurs: Wine, like flowers, is another huge component to a lot of weddings. Lots of couples even have a special bottle of it they only drink on anniversaries later on. Vineyards in California, the Willamette Valley, and all over Europe are huge and absolutely stunning to have a wedding in.

11. The Movie Buffs: You’d be surprised with how many locations you can actually have your wedding in! For a couple who’s go-to date is the movie theatre or staying inside watching their favorite movies all night long, getting married in one of the actual spots of their favorite film might be an absolute dream! It may take some extra research to find them all, but here are some of the coolest ones I could find.

12: The Animal Lovers: If you feel like having exotic wildlife around you on your wedding day, and an extremely intimate setting with limited numbers of guests, a rainforest retreat or safari ceremony may be the way to go. You can select packages through different companies to plan it, but it would be an absolutely unforgettable experience.

13: The Boat or Cruise Lovers: There are so many different kinds of boats and cruises to get married on. There’s boats that just go out for most of the day, pirate ships that stay docked, and cruises to treat your small amount of guests to a trip while you celebrate your wedding. This is also a great option for a vow renewal!

14: The Kids at Heart: If you and your fiancee grew up loving Disney, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, or your local carnival, consider having your wedding there! Or if you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t had the chance to, now could be the time to send you and your select guests to one of these places to have your ceremony and reception. Larger parks like Disneyland also offer a greater variety of options for where you may want to have your ceremony and reception.

15: The Music Lovers: Depending on what kind of music you and your fiancee like will surely influence your choice of musical venue. But some House of Blues restaurants will host weddings, concert halls, and my favorite and personal recommendation would be to pick your favorite city with a Hard Rock Hotel in it. The hotels are full of your favorite artists concert outfits, guitars, drums, and more. Every hotel is unique except for the one thing they share in common: a love for the best musicians of all time.