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Christmas List for College Students


Whether you’re purchasing a Christmas or holiday gift for a friend at your university, or for your friend or relative away at school, it can sometimes be difficult determining what they may need or want. Below is a guide on what kind of gifts the college student in your life may want or desperately need to make their life in school a little easier.

The Studier – Everyone has a friend who always seems super busy! Maybe they’re just dedicated, and make it their goal to get perfect grades, or they’re in an extremely demanding field. Like a major within STEAM or Pre-Law, or double majoring. They may want a coffee mug to get discounts at their local or on campus coffee house when they’re pulling an all-nighter. Consider a customizable mug from Walmart or Shutterfly. Both allow you to put pictures and text on the mug, whether it’s your favorite picture of you with your friend or something funny for them to laugh at when they’re stressed, it’ll be a sweet sentiment that they’ll appreciate during the holiday season. If they already have a handy mug, consider them getting a clip-on lamp that they can keep when they need the extra light, or a gift card to their favorite coffee house or study spot.

The Host(ess) Friend – If you have a friend who’s always the one opening up their dorm or apartment to you, maybe treat them to gifts that’ll give them more supplies for when they’re hosting the whole group. Winter is going to be cold – if they don’t have enough blankets for everyone, both Target and Amazon have extremely soft fleece blankets with prices ranging from $15-$25. If your host(ess) friend is always well prepared with supplies, then expand their Cards Against Humanity collection or buy them a new game like Red Flags, “the game of terrible dates,” Telestrations (which is like telephone, but with drawings), or a good old fashioned Monopoly board game. Maybe even purchase a themed Monopoly game of their favorite location or show.

The Creative Friend – Whether they’re majoring in art or creative writing, there’s a book called “642 Things to Write” that actually has 642 writing prompts. There’s both a pocket size as well as the full size. The company also makes  “642 Things to Draw” book that essentially has drawing prompts also in two sizes. They’re meant to be helpful for when your artsy friend faces a creative block, and in using the book they’ll get some kind of inspiration back. (If you’re a creative person looking for something to give your partner, the company also makes a small book called “642 Things I Love About You” and you fill in the prompts before giving it to your partner.) The website for the books is ChronicalBooks.com or they can be found on Amazon and in some Target stores.


The Pre-Health or Exercise Health Student – There are multiple medicine related gifts that are both funny and useful to students within these tracks. TestPrepNerds.com and Buzzfeed have dozens of gifts listed that are all useful and funny such as sticky notes that look like bandaids, coasters with art of the human anatomy on them, mugs, books on surviving medical internships, board games, art and decor, t-shirts and more.


The Politics Major – Michelle Obama just released her book “Becoming Michelle Obama”, if your friend loves the Obamas, this would be a great Christmas gift if they don’t have it already. Or choose a book by one of their favorite politicians who inspires them. If they’re Pre-Law and planning to attend WU’s Law School, you could purchase them merchandise from the student store.


The Fashion Guru – If you have a friend who’s super into fashion, buy them a new accessory they’ll be sure to sport, or one of their signature articles of clothing like a new denim jacket from the Salem Center or a beanie they’ll be sure to love. You know what they like to wear, so pick something they’ll proudly show off!


The Tech Lover – Amazon has a huge selection of affordable tech gifts, including multiple-device charging docks, bluetooth beanies that play music, portable projectors (which could be useful in place of a TV), water resistant backpacks to carry your laptop and headphones to class without fear, and more devices worth browsing until finding the perfect thing for your friend.


The Athlete – Amazon has much more affordable products for sports teams whether you’re looking for clothes or blankets or trinkets. Another good stop is Bed Bath & Beyond which offers 20 percent off of your entire purchase with a college email, and they carry a large selection of NFL products. Find out your friend’s favorite player or team, and be sure to check out these two places for something they’ll love to wear or keep in their dorm.


Your Roommate – Your roommate is sure to be one of the people you know best on campus, so buy them a decorational piece they’ve been wanting to add to the room for awhile or the jacket they’ve been wanting. CollegeMagazine.com has 21 gift ideas for your roommate including tapestries, throw pillows, sweats, adult coloring books, laptop accessories, self-care products and more.


Your Significant Other – There’s an endless selection of holiday gifts for your significant other, there’s matching hoodies (preferably thick ones to keep them warm), their favorite band t-shirt (bonus points if you can find a vintage one), or if they have all the clothes they need, browse Amazon for customizable gifts. There’s wallets you can engrave initials into, art for their wall, constellation maps of important nights in your relationship, and more. Or buy them a gift from one of the earlier options listed here. This should be the easiest purchase on your list!

Happy Christmas and Holiday Shopping!

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