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Building Your “Aesthetically Pleasing” Closet


Building your wardrobe can definitely be a fun hobby. With how many different styles of clothing there are, finding a trend, color scheme, fabric, or general look that works for you could make getting dressed in the morning that much easier. I’ve found it’s something I’ve been doing lately (trying to make my closet look more put together) and it’s naturally happening on its own but I thought I’d share my tips.

1. Consistent Colors, Different Brands: I realized that a lot of the clothes I’ve bought from different stores still end up being similar colors which is good. This makes matching an outfit together later easier, and it feels more put together. You don’t have to wear all one brand, the only time you shouldn’t mix them is if you’re wearing Adidas sweats and a Nike zip-up, it’ll look a little off. Or sweatpants that have the brand on the waist band with a shirt that has a logo from a different store. Aside from this major clash, shop at multiple different places! It’ll add diversity to your wardrobe, and maybe while the tops at one place fit you great, their pants won’t and vice versa. As long as the items don’t clash with mix matched logos or completely different styles (like preppy and bohemian or athletic and dressy) then you should be good to go!

Color coordinated closet

2. Texture: I’ve come to realize one of the things people gravitate to most when it comes to my clothes is the way something feels. If something looks soft or fuzzy for example. The texture of your clothes can convey a lot of personality as well, like leather coming off as a little more rough and fluffiness as a little more bubbly. I personally prefer to have a variety of textures, but my constants would be soft, fluffy, and cotton or silky products. For example, a cotton shirt underneath a fuzzy jacket is great, but I wouldn’t match two fluffy items or fluff and leather. Diversity is great to have available in your wardrobe, but mixing textures can create a disruptive clash even when they are within the same color scheme.

Textured closet

3. Find Tops & Bottoms That Go Together: Another way to make it easy for yourself to get ready in the morning is if your tops and bottoms all almost go together. Obviously not everything is going to look like the perfect pair, but it does make it easier. Or if you’re buying some new clothes, pick a few tops and one or two bottoms that can all be mixed and matched. That way you double the amount of outfit options you would have had if you just picked pairs rather than combinable options. In the pictures below, it’s a basic example of how those cropped tops can all match the three bottoms. I picked grey because it doesn’t clash with black or navy, and the patterned tops appear to have grey detailing. I picked denim because it’s a medium wash and will match all of the shirts nicely as well.

4. Have EVERY Kind of Shoe: Shoes can sometimes end up being your favorite part of the outfit. Because of this, it’s nice to own one pair of every kind that match the primary colors of your wardrobe. Boots, heels, sneakers or skater shoes, flats or ballet slippers, sandals, slip-ons, wedges, and pumps. While some might be more of a necessity than others based on your job or style, that’s for you to decide. But having a good combo of everything makes for more options on jacking up your outfit. 

5. Accessorize: Having simplistic accessories for everyday use will also add to your closet’s look. Jewelry, bags, and hair or make up styles can all add to your outfit. If you’re wearing more cool colors and tones (like blue, green, purple, white, grey) silver or white gold will look the best and pop against the color of your clothing. If you’re wearing warmer tones (pink, red, orange, yellow, and neutrals like blush and tan) gold and rose gold jewelry is the best way to go. Rose gold will be like a darker shade against a blush or tan color scheme, and gold will pop when against pink or yellow.