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Adopt, Don’t Shop – The Story of My Family Pets


Animals make a great addition to just about every kind of family, particularly cats and dogs. However, both of these pets have huge markets of expensive breeds. Examples of these expensive animals include pure-bred and exotic breeds. The money spent on one of these animals alone could pay the adoption fee for dozens of strays who are being held in non-profit adoption centers, such as your local shelter or the Humane Society. 

While pure-bred and exotic animals are beautiful, they often times have health issues or are more difficult to care for. My family and I have now adopted our third pet, and I thought it was important to show that pets can be adorable and affordable.

The first pet we adopted is our cat named Nuggs, we got him when he was between the age of three and four. While he is a domestic Bengal cat, he came from a healthy home and was properly cared for (and not used for breeding expensive kittens). He was already neutered, didn’t have any health conditions, and his family didn’t charge us an adoption fee. They just weren’t able to keep him as they planned on moving. We were able to take him so that he didn’t have to live in a shelter (which is more difficult for an animal that’s used to being in a stable home). And he made a relatively quick adjustment as he got closer to our family.

Nuggs, our first pet, now roughly 8 years old

Nuggs was always super laid back, so in 2016 right before Christmas, we fell in love with another cat. We were at the pet store to get cat food for him, and the Humane Society had set up a section of the store with adoptable kittens. We watched this little one play who was super energetic, climbing on all of his toys (and on the other cats), and ultimately just acting like a complete dork. We thought about how fun it would be to see Nuggs with a kitten in the house, and after consulting the rest of the family back at home we decided to adopt him. The adoption fee was between $50-$60, which is pretty much for reimbursing the Humane Society for the cost of the kitten’s chip, spay/neuter procedure, and vaccinations. 

Gizmo as a kitten, now 3 years old

We named him Gizmo after one of the Gremlins. He is the runt of the litter and while he isn’t kitten sized anymore, he’s also not anywhere close to the normal size of a tabby. 

Gizmo full grown

Our last addition to the family was added this month. We’ve always loved dogs and have just been waiting for the right one to come along. Earlier this month we adopted a Korean-Jindo terrier mix. He was rescued from a food market and isn’t even 5 months old yet. 

Our new puppy, Jack!

We named our dog Jack after Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas since he was adopted in October. 

I hope this excites you about the new furry friend you’re considering adding to your family, while also serving as a reminder that adopting is so much more special, rewarding, and important in providing animals a home. Feel free to share your adoption stories below in the comments, or contact us to share one on Jazz Hands!