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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Jazz Hands Journal?
Jazz Hands Journal (JHJ) is the brainchild of Jasmine Hayley (Jazzy). She is the founder and lead editor making most final decisions regarding content. Nathan Brown is a contributing author with occasional articles, he mostly maintains the website with respects to functionality and design, while making some decisions regarding content.
Who are Jasmine Hayley and Nathan Brown?
Jasmine Hayley (Jazzy) is a college student at Willamette University in Salem, OR. She is working towards her bachelor of the arts in the politics, policy, law, and ethics (PPLE) major with an English minor. Nathan Brown is also a student at Willamette University. He is working towards his bachelor of the arts in exercise and health sciences while concurrently being a licensed EMR (first responder). Both are from San Diego, CA.
Where does JHJ get its funding?
Nathan currently funds the entirety of the website from his personal income as a university employee. JHJ also runs Google AdSense to generate pennies per click via the ads displayed.
Can I become an author or contributor?
Yes! Anyone can contribute or author for Jazz Hands Journal! To get started, send us a message using the contact form above and we will start the process of getting you to publish your work!
If I am an author or contributor, can I advertise products or services?
No. If you have questions about this, please contact an editor.
Can I buy ad space on your site to advertise?
Yes! Please visit our contact page and fill out the form there and we will get back to you to discuss the details.
Jazz Hands Journal Links, Spam, Fraud and Security
Sadly, there are a lot of people in this world that pretend to be people or organizations they are not to extort money from those that are vulnerable on the internet. We here at Jazz Hands Journal will never, ever, try to extort our readers out of their money, we will never directly contact you asking or demanding money nor will we charge you for anything without a prior written agreement.

How to know an email is from Jazz Hands Journal: All emails composed by JHJ staff or officers will be sent from a secure organization address (i.e. email@jazzhandsjournal.com). Always make sure that emails claiming to be from us are secure and encrypted:

Official JHJ email as viewed in GMail. Note the “signed-by”, “mailed-by” and “security” tags.

We will never conduct business, announcements, notifications or any JHJ related correspondence with an email that is not @jazzhandsjournal.com

How to know a link is from JHJ: Before clicking on a link someone sends you that claims to be from JHJ, look to make sure what the website address is! JHJ uses two URLS: https://jazzhandsjournal.com (main website) and https://jazzhands.info (JHJ branded short URL) – both of our addresses are encrypted with the highest level of security with the HTTPS, if you get a link that does not have HTTPS and is supposedly from JHJ, do not click it. Also, always double check spelling: scammers will use URLS that are extremely similar in spelling because usually, we don’t double check link spelling.

Ad Choices
Jazz Hands Journal utilizes Google Adsense to display advertisements on this website. Google Adsense generates these ads using sophisticated algorithms and user behavior data. We do not choose the ads that are displayed on this website, thus they do not represent the beliefs or affiliations of Jazz Hands Journal or its members. If you have an issue regarding an advertisement you saw on our website, there is an option to stop seeing that specific ad: Click the X in the corner of the ad.