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Jazz Hands Journal is offering paid subscriptions


I know what you might be thinking, “oh now they just want your money, they are so new that you’re paying for nothing, there’s nothing special about this site.”

I understand your skepticism, and I understand why this might be a red flag to some. However, the paid-subscription model we are using is not meant to be gimmicky, not meant to drain you of money, and not meant to limit what you can do or see on our site in a significant way. That is why we have made the prices so cheap – In fact, our monthly subscription prices are cheaper than buying one newspaper. We are talking 50 cents or $1 per month depending on the level. That’s either $6 or $12 per year. Many news companies offer their premium content for $6-$12 per month!

We aren’t in the business of solely making a profit. We want to be able to make enough to break even on operating costs and be able to make enough to compensate our writers, contributors, artists, and everyone that provides to what we publish. All we want to do is be able to provide cool, interesting, informative, beautiful content for the world to see and for people to share. We want to be able to give exposure to small artists and writers as well as share current events in an unbiased way.

We offer three subscription choices: Reader (Free), Subscriber ($0.50/mo), and Premium($1/mo).

The basic difference between the three levels is that the paid account holders will be given access to an exclusive category, “Paid”, wherein they will find content that has been deemed fit for only paid members by the authors of said content. The editorial staff (Jazzy and I) do not choose which content is paid or free, that is up to our authors. However, we might change the classification of some posts over time. The next difference is that Premium members will eventually have no advertisements when they are logged in. This is a feature that is coming soon and not yet available.

You can view our membership subscription levels here.

This is a new system, if you find bugs, please contact us!